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Start Creating Again is a inspirational, motivational, time management program. Start Creating Again is for people who desire a creative flow by re-starting their artistry, discovering it or rebooting a old hobbies. It is for anyone wanting a creative outlet to offset the business of life. Intuitively we know that creativity is good for us, its scientifically proven. It releases the imagination to new ideas and helps in solving old problems. This program is for everyone: artist, film makers, scientist, designers, educators, literally anyone who wants a return of balance and flow. Maybe you've had creativity on the back burner, thinking “Someday I'll start my project” or maybe you saw something and thought, Hey, I could have done that'. Well, it's time to release your creative heartbeat. Let's journey together to discover your way back to your intuition and imagination. This program will inspire your artistic expression and help you to connect with your true self. I can gently guide you back to your creative flow. To a calmer self my with inspirational techniques, motivational and time management awareness and projects. It's going to be fun!

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Start Creating Again Meetup

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
7:00 pm
8:30 pm

Start Creating Again: Get Inspired by Art!

How do you stay creative during a pandemic or any time? What we do with our time is very important and often, time can get away from us. Learn skills that can be used daily to make time for creative business.

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