Black Economics & the Digital Frontier Series: Najah Roberts Founder, Crypto Blockchain Plug

Join this fireside chat with Founder and CEO Najah Roberts of Crypto Blockchain Plug as we discuss mass adoption, crypto and Blockchain education and the wins and struggles of being Black in the Blockchain industry.

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This Virtual Series, The Digital BLKchain Economic Frontier Series will feature Fireside guest experts in Black Economics and the Digital Frontier. The object is to unchain the mystery of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Our first guest will be Najah Roberts, Founder and CEO of Crypto Blockchain Plug which is 1 of 3 Brick and Mortar Crypto Currency Exchanges in the United States. Najah's vision is to see Mass Adoption in this "Space" and she realizes that only path to Mass Adoption in Crypto and Blockchain is Education. As Crypto Blockchain Plug takes full shape Najah is confident that her positioning in Crypto and Blockchain is essential to the success of the community. We will talk about Wins and Struggles of being Black in theBlockchain industry.


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