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Tea Tech & Tequila Immersive Salon is a unique virtual collaboration space where participants connect and engage; enjoy a showcase of emerging tech inclusive of women and people of color; and explore the XR Observatory, a mixed-reality, creative space.

You won't be forced to stare at ZOOM squares or shared screens. We've designed a unique virtual space and collaboration platform with a lobby, breakout and networking rooms, tea and tequila lounges, an XR Observatory and more to make your experience interactive and fun.

Once you’re inside the space…

Check-in & select your avatar.

Network & Connect

Chat, share links, and explore the beautifully designed virtual rooms and interactive platform. Take a selfie and tweet from within the platform. Enjoy networking in the “New Normal.”

Tea Party & Tequila Lounge

Interact with live presenters as they demo tea and tequila favorites. Watch related videos and hang out in the lounge.

Tech Showcase

We've curated amazing products presented live by innovators of best-in-class and emerging technology that aren’t ordinarily available to the public.

Business Marketplace

Learn, meet, network, and explore with innovators, entrepreneurs, and content creators all representing exciting and visionary companies from Pasadena stakeholders and around the globe.

XR Observatory

Our XR Observatory offers more for those who want to experience new forms of reality, enhanced even more with VR gear.



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