The Future is NOW! Using Technology to Address the Climate Crisis

An online discussion on how exponential changes in technology are converging to address our climate emergency.

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The climate crisis is not in the future...it is happening NOW!

Meanwhile, exponential technologies, local and global collaborations, and people adopting sustainable practices are transforming every aspect of society as we know it. These forces combined are providing tremendous opportunities for us all to create a sustainable future.

Join us for Innovate Pasadena's Connect Week 2020 for interviews with thought leaders on Smart Cities approaches, Sustainable Practices, and Exponential Organization strategies to address our climate emergency. The panel will provide a sneak peek of a more in depth discussion to be hosted by Community 2.0 on November 14th. (Register early by following this link: https://bit.ly/34ytCvQ) Guests and panelists will have the opportunity to discuss, network, and share ideas for collaborative efforts after the presentation. We invite you to join the movement as we build a community of support to create a sustainable and more equitable future for ourselves, our cities, our country, and the world - NOW!

Topics Include:

Thriving People and a Sustainable Planet

Limiting Single Use Plastics

Smart Homes

Waste-free Living & Composting

Smart Cities Initiatives

Holistic Approaches to Sustainability


Please RSVP for event details. Contact Greg Apodaca at: www.gapodaca.com | ApodacaC2.0@gmail.com | 626-437-6735 (text)


Online Lecture/Seminar

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