Unit Economics and How Businesses Grow

How do other startups sustainably grow? Unit economics helps you manage your own startup growth and understand the growth of others.

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How do businesses sustainably grow?

Whether you're a startup founder trying to improve your odds of success, or a Fortune 100 businessperson looking for ways to optimize an already sustainable business, you will benefit from understanding the ways you acquire customers and generate revenue from them.

I wrote a book to help with this process. In it, I show methods to assess and calculate Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Lifetime Value (LTV), and more. Looking at case studies from a wide range of business types, I also show how metrics can vary depending on situation and goals.

This talk will be a synopsis of topics covered in the book Growth Units (https://startupsunplugged.com/book).

In this talk you will learn:

  • Ways to calculate Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value with additions like customer segments, cohorts, retention, and more (and why they can be imperfect methods).
  • How to manage the cost of growth along with potential value generated.
  • The difference between growing and scaling a business.
  • Why food delivery businesses with good unit economics shut down.
  • The difference between taxi and rideshare business models.
  • Why it made sense for data storage companies to launch too soon.
  • How varied business types, including mobility, consumer packaged goods, organized crime, art, subscriptions, mattress stores, food delivery, and more thrive or struggle because of these metrics.


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