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Tea Tech & Tequila Immersive Salon is a unique virtual collaboration space where participants connect and engage; enjoy a showcase of emerging tech inclusive of women and people of color; and explore the XR Observatory, a mixed-reality, creative and music-enhanced space.

You won't be forced to stare at ZOOM squares or shared screens at Tea Tech & Tequila Immersive Salon (unless you want to). We've designed an interactive, fun experience for enhanced networking, and opportunities for innovators - inclusive of women and people of color - to showcase and view best-in-class and emerging technology.

Once inside this interactive space…


  • Select your avatar 
  • Network in the Lobby, chat, share links and explore virtual rooms
  • Take a selfie and Tweet it from within the platform 
  • Visit the Tea Room & Tequila Lounge - to interact with live presenters or view videos
  • We've curated amazing products presented live by innovators our Tech Showcase of best-in-class and emerging technology not ordinarily available to the public.
  • FemTechs & Biz Divas is our theme - Learn, meet, network and explore with innovators, entrepreneurs, content creators, wealth managers, angels, SMBs, and engineers all representing exciting and visionary companies from Pasadena stakeholders and around the globe
  • Explore our Vendor Expo
  • Our  XR Observatory offers more for those who want to experience new forms of reality, enhanced even more with VR gear.

This year's event will be hosted on a new and innovative open source virtual reality platform bridged with a prominent media and game industry collaboration platform. This special combination is one of the fastest growing new virtual event platforms providing an enhanced virtual space, along with a secondary full VR platform that runs in a standard web browser or with VR gear, for a complete virtual experience. And yes, you can get in via Zoom, too - if you wish. Detailed specifications and instructions will be emailed to attendees closer to the event.  Testing opportunities and online help will be provided.

Members of the Pasadena Open Source consortium, in open collaboration with The Funding Boutique, are excited to provide the setup and support for the open source Mozilla Hubs environment as the virtual reality platform for the Tea Tech & Tequila Immersive Salon during Connect Week 2020.

Tickets are $20 and available at www.teatechtequila.com


Virtual Showcase
Virtual Networking

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