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For ConnectWeek2021, we have an excellent project lined up from the team at Empatico who will share their new product for discussion and feedback with a focus on "on-boarding and related user flows". Empatico empowers teachers and students to explore the world through experiences that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy. They combine live video with activities designed to foster meaningful connections among students ages 5-14.

For those unfamiliar with "We’ll Talk: UX” we are a peer-to-peer discussion group designed to build and strengthen the UX community through mentorship and project sharing, hosted by Mr. Mike and Jess Woods. We operate primarily (pre-pandemic, but have sense gone virtual) out of North East Los Angeles (NELA) where we provide a safe, casual setting for UX/Product Designers, Developers and Product Managers to come together and present current, on-going, or new projects/products they are working on.

No matter what stage your project is in, work-related or side hustle, a “community of strangers” will act as your own private "design team” to critique, evaluate, discuss and give solid feedback to help the project out. These discussions help presenters talk through, learn, and later iterate whatever issue(s) they might have with their site, app, etc… It’s not a “show and tell” but a place to get real actionable help, to get back on track, or just headed in the right direction.


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