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If timing is so important, why don't we think about it more? Just about every failed dotcom-era startup has been turned into a successful business by now. Why did the same ideas not work earlier? We accept that timing impacts a product's success, but we don't often understand what determines good timing and what we can do about it. This talk introduces the drivers of good timing, how they work, and how you can figure out whether a product will hit the market at the right time.

Parking. There is street parking nearby (2 hour max, free after 8pm) as well as a couple parking lots. We'll start a little late to give people time to park and walk over.

For a while I've been running workshops that focus on understanding timing. Next month I'll do a 3-part workshop online. Info here: https://maven.com/paul-orlando/why-now-timing-and-product-success/


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