Julian Scaff

Julian Scaff is a design leader, educator, and futurist.

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Julian Scaff is a design leader, educator, and futurist. His clients include Hitachi, Intelsat, NASA/JPL, and Fidelity. He has worked and taught in the United States, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Belgium, Greece, Lebanon, Qatar, and South Africa. His work connects research in ethnography and neuroscience with methods of futurecasting and user experience design to create future products that are more sustainable and inclusive.  Julian is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design at ArtCenter College of Design, and editor-in-chief of the book series IF: Inclusive Futures.

Julian Scaff

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October 15, 2021
1:00 pm
2:00 pm

Creative Tech Futures

"New operating systems, programming languages and spatial apps will be birthed from the ashes of our old systems. Technologies will become more aware, cognitive and adaptive and will connect us once more to a core of what makes us human: our empathy."


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